Shoes vs. Washi

Last month I went to CA to see my parents and I returned home with a suitcase full of craft supplies, tortillas, and Sees chocolates. #priorities It didn't take me long to unpack because I really wanted to get crafty with my Michael's haul and all the other things I'd left behind during our move. So as I was unpacking and organizing my stuff, I realized two somethings:

1. I didn't bring enough corn tortillas.
2. I own more washi tape than shoes.

The latter was a zero-regrets realization. I love washi! I use it a lot in my planners, traveler notebooks, and even snailmail. It's one of my craft staples! And honestly it should be one of yours too.

So what is washi tape exactly? Well... It's basically adhesive tape with a decorative pattern that's used for craft purposes--mainly papercrafts. However washi is great for all types of projects and you can find heaps of washi DIYs and inspiration on Pinterest.

Personally, I love that it's not super tacky, and because of that, you don't have to commit and you feel comfortable making mistakes. I call that a washi-win!

I know my collection pales in comparison to other crafters... I'm cool with that! I'm not jealous. At all. (HAHA! Yeah right!) Actually, I'm sure my stash would be bigger except I'm really picky about the patterns and colors I buy. (Are you like that too?)

So now tell me, friend (and be honest)! Do you own more shoes or more washi? Let me know in the comments below!

And while you're at it, check out this cute washi on Amazon:

Also check out the washi selection at They've got heaps of it and their international shipping isn't too bad! Click below:

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Journal with Me | Websters Travelers Notebook

In today's post I'm sharing a closer look at a creative journal layout I did for my YouTube channel: The Janette Lane (Journal With Me Process Video). After purchasing a new printer, the HP 3630, I was inspired to print photos and document my memories in my new DIY inserts! I made these with some cardstock, copy paper, and a long reach stapler! So easy and oh so cute! These puppies are going in my Websters Travelers Notebook STAT!

 Here's a tutorial where I used a paintchip brochure to make an insert, but you can use any cardstock:

Check out the instructions here

 For this layout I pulled bits from my stash to use, like scraps, diecuts, ephemera, and washi! These are also my go-to supplies for planner decoration and other papercrafts. But hold on, Janette! What's a travelers notebook? What are Midoris? In case you aren't familiar with Midoris, Doris (for short) or Travelers Notebooks, they're basically an insert/notebook holder usually made from leather, fabric, or other durable materials. They can hold up to 4-8 inserts/notebooks (sometimes more). Each notebook can be used for something different like planning, listing, doodling, and documenting. The holder allows all the notebooks/inserts to be looped together and they become portable. You can decorate them with washi, customizable inserts, embellishments, stickers, and so much more!
So, now that you know what a travelers notebook is, lets get more technical and talk about the elements and principles of design. I’ve talked about this in some of my videos and I go a little bit deeper in my Pocket Letters® online workshop. But I encourage you, especially if you’re a beginner crafter, to do a google search and read a few articles on it. I think it’ll really help you understand why certain designs are more visually appealing and assist you in developing your own aesthetic. I know it sounds boring, but it’s actually pretty fascinating stuff!
Lets talk stamping. I really want to incorporate more stamps into my projects because I have so many cute stamps that I never use. Honestly, I have a love/hate relationship with stamping! I hold my breath every time because sometimes it doesn’t work. I either didn’t have enough ink on my stamp, or I didn’t apply enough pressure. So many things can go wrong--but when it works, it WORKS!!!

Tell me about your thoughts on stamping. Do you love it? Hate it? Do you hold your breath and say a prayer too? Let me know. I’m so curious about your crafting experiences!

Watch this video even if you're a newbie or beginner. I know you'll come away with lots of inspiration and ideas.

Supplies Used:

--Long Reach Stapler:
--Websters Color Crush Travelers Notebook(similar):
--Outline Alpha Stamps (large, similar):
--Clearly Kelly Alpha Stamps(mini):
--HP 3630 Printer:
--Tim Holtz Sticker Sentiments:

Oh Castleton!

Castleton is misty, green hills dotted with bleating sheep. It’s a sandwich board outside a pub inviting neighbors and travelers alike. Castleton is muddy paws and muddy boots walking side by side in the early morningIt’s stealing a glance through a cottage window and seeing a newspaper being read--a pot of tea being served…

This quiet and charming town has stolen our hearts. Our second visit to the Peak District felt like our first, and we fell in love again and again. We recommend anyone traveling to the northern part of England to visit Castleton in Derbyshire. Go to Bulls Head and try the mulled wine. If it’s a Sunday, try the Roast. Sample the sweets at the shops. Have some ice cream! Eat a meat pie. 

The climb is steep but walk up the hill to Peveril Castle. See the Caverns. Walk along the public footpaths and follow the stream. When the church bells toll, stop what you're doing and breathe deep. 

Here's a video from our first trip to Castleton so you can see what I mean:

Make the trip if you can, friends! 
Trust me on this one...

Wigs and Friends

Do you ever have an incredible experience and at the end of the day think to yourself, "Well I certainly wasn't expecting that to happen today!" Those were my exact thoughts a few Sundays ago. Friends, we had, quite possibly, the perfect day! It started out with going to church service and making new friends along the way. Quite literally. Turns out a lovely elderly couple attends the same church and gets on at the same bus stop as ours. Funny right? They informed us the service was going to be a little different because that particular Sunday was the start of the Legal year. Judges and mayors would be attending in full regalia (think wigs and stately apparel). It was such a  stately sight and one we will never forget!

After the service we stayed to rub elbows with the big wigs (I TOTALLY get that idiom now!) and had deliciously fancy hors d'oeuvres and drinks. Then we headed to the Manchester Food and Drink Festival with our friends, Sam and Katie. We had pizza and Indian food and ate in the shadow of the Manchester City Council building. Once we were done there, we walked around the area. We ended our time together by going to Cloud 23 for some bread and water because everything else was too pricey. Haha! #thatbudgetlife The bar is on the 23rd floor of Beetham Tower (hence the name) and has glorious views of Manchester.
After our food feast, we walked around Manchester and Sam & Katie showed us a few places we had never been.
What a fantastic day!

The Happiness Boutique!

I have quite a healthy collection of statement necklaces. I just love how they instantly add a fancy factor to any outfit. Today I wanted to share about Happiness Boutique, because they're a super cool jewelry company based in Berlin who does FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING and they also have a customer reward program!  Lately shipping costs have been the deciding factor on many of my online purchases. International shipping can get very expensive and it's so hard to find businesses who offer it. Plus they have AMAZING customer service and the utmost patience with a loopy bloggers (AKA ME!).

Anywho, back to necklaces! This is the one I picked because it had a touch of sparkle which is perfect for the upcoming holiday season. Also you can wear it with either warm or cool tones. Isn't it pretty? Oh la la!

I ended up pairing it with this sweater... I'm currently obsessed with this color which is a mix between rouge and rosewood. It's the perfect way to do pink in Fall...amirite? I'm wearing this tonight to a Christmas Kickoff event in Manchester. It's going to be a festive event with live music and fireworks so I figured I needed some sparkle. This necklace is perfect for it!

Check out their online shop here and please apply the code janettelane to your purchase for a 10% discount on orders over 19 euros. (That's about $20 USD) The discount code is only valid until November 27th, so hurry and place those orders!
the happiness boutique

They also have a bi-monthly giveaway which you can enter here.

Thanks so much for reading!

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Day Trip to Birmingham for the UKPA Big Meet Planner Event

Sometimes super duper cool things happen to me. Like the time my best friend and I flew to Vegas for just dinner. Or the time I got to contribute some craft projects for a book... This time I was blessed with an invitation to attend the biggest planner event in the UK before I had even moved there. What an amazing experience! I can’t even begin to describe how great it was to be at the UK Planner Addict “Big Meet” in Birmingham! And after the meetup, was equally spectacular! I joined Lovey, who had come along to explore the rest of the city. Here’s an hourly, play by play of our first day trip, along with pictures:

5:30-Alarm goes off and I’m almost certain we’re going to miss the bus. If we miss the bus, we’ll miss the train. Inwardly panicking.

6:30-We made it on the bus and hoping we’re not late to the train station.

7:30- Train departs Picadilly station. We’re sitting in backward facing seats even though I booked forward-facing. Pretty sure that at this point Lovey and I are going to get motion sickness.

8:30-Almost time to get off and we’re happy neither of us are dizzy. We actually had a gorgeous ride with sweeping, countryside views! Wow!

9:30-After Yelping some breakfast restaurants in the area, turns out they’re all closed (even though website hours state otherwise) or not geo-tagged correctly. Finally we find a random place and have a full English breakfast with tea for £4. We’re terribly impressed since the food here tends to be a little pricey.
10:30-Lovey and I part ways. He heads back to the city center and I head to the direction of the event. It’s raining and we only have one umbrella. Of course!

11:30- All the ladies (me included) make their way into the venue and attempt to find our seats. Once settled we calmly sift through our sponsor bags. Haha! Wow! So much goodness!
12:30- Listened to a great keynote speech, by special guest and Kikki K. Founder, Kristina Karlsson. (I got my first, ring-bound planner from Kikki K .)
1:30- A time of shopping and eating yummy treats begins.  Also taking selfies with creative girls and UK planner royalty! And BONUS—Finding 3 other Americans there.
2:30- Walking back to meet Lovey and it's still raining. About half way there I realize that I’m walking uphill and my boots are super slippery and grip-less. Yikes!

3:30- Lovey and I start exploring Birmingham. The Library of Birmingham offers almost 360 degrees of city views! (Definitely my favorite.)

4:30- We have dinner at a charming pub by the canal, The Malt House. It’s a little pricey, so we split a sampler. Also my first time trying mushy peas. I didn’t realize they came with our order and I thought it was guacamole! Ha!

5:30- More walking and sightseeing.
6:30- Lovey is hungry again, so he gets his favorite, chips and curry. 

7:30- Board on the correct train after worrying whether or not we were on the right platform.

8:30- Four gentlemen get on with bags full of meat pies, Scotch eggs, and beer. They are loud, funny, and super upset that an old couple took their reserved seats. They discussed their frustration for at least 10 miles (after the couple got off at their stop). We were terribly amused by the whole thing, because like I said, they were FUN-NY!

9:30- On our way home on the bus. Standing room only.

10:20- Finally home! What a day!

Thanks for reading friends!